I just looked at the actual pitbull thread on here and there is one guy posting like a million articles about pit bulls attacking people and doing all these horrible things. Now to be fair I am not gonna deny these storys are more then likely true but they are taken way out of context. First of all these attacks are a very small portion of the breeds total population. Second, which kind of also goes along with the first statement is that, most of these “Stories” are mistaken identities so to speak. I can not tell you how many times I turn on the news and hear of a pitbull attack and when they show the dog its some kind of different breed or even some unknown mix. The guy who owns the blog that I visited, stated directly in his banner that pit bulls have the highest amount of attacks or something of this nature in his title. COMPLETELY untrue. I dont even know how to stress this enough.. DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! There have been tons of studies on this and I have yet to see one ever come back to this conclusion. PitBulls are much stronger than other dogs and if they do attack its more likely it will be fatal but the percentage of attacks are in the 1-2 percentile amongst the breed and even less amongst dog populations in general.

Im sorry for the rant this just makes me sick cause I have owned several of the breed (without incident ever, which includes humans and other dogs). Not to mention my dogs are both rescues who grew up in very harsh conditions and they recovered very nicely, I dare to say better than any other breed I know. My dogs have ALWAYS been around kids and other dogs. I have several friends with the breed. I cant think of one fight or attack ever.. Well whatever


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