Looking deeper.


It has been cold and wet here. I think this morning the temp was about 8 C maybe in the 40f I am not really sure I dont use Fahrenheit anymore, and have not in years. This temp is not unusual or extreme to me by all means, but I dont feel motivated to go outside today. So I took some pictures in the house. These first few are from my book collection. Maybe it says something about me maybe it does not. I like to read about just about anything and everything. The more perspective the better. I like to see different perspectives and form my own opinions vrs getting them from the mainstream media or worse yet Facebook/Twitter. I know my books are a bit scatter brained but I guess that sums me up a little. Yet I believe that I am somewhat together as an individual. I try to live within my means and speak the truth about how I feel at all times. Keeping everything honest so to speak. Maybe thats why I am still single to this day? Who really knows…


This last photo is a bamboo plant that I have had for 10+ years maybe. I am simply amazed at how tuff this plant is and has lived through some very drastic environments. I feel that if I took it out of its glass container it would maybe grow much larger but I like keeping it indoors with me so I leave it small. It seems to do really well in the shower so I put some plant lights in the bathroom and let it grow and drink from the steam of the hot hot showers I take.


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