Tabitha had some fluid built up in her ear this week. Not like in the internal part but on the flap of her ear. I could tell she was hurting and very sensitive to it. Pit Bulls dont show normal signs of pain but I could tell. So I took her to the vet today and had them drain it out and I have some creme I gotta put on 2 times a day. I was so proud of her though. They said when they took her back she was scared to leave me but she was so well behaved and calm unlike most dogs who have this done. I took Toby along for the ride too just cause he loves car rides and these such things. I feel like he almost wanted to get his ear drained too just so he could go back there hahah. He is such a friendly dog its almost not good for him.

As far as this week goes I am gonna be shooting a baby shower on Saturday for a friend. She wanted to know how much I wanted to shoot it but I told her that donations would be fine and she could pay me what she thinks is fair.ImageImageImageImage

These are my shots of Toby (sweet clumsy goofy boy)


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