Lights out.

So I ordered some lights on to shoot some portraits indoors. They arrived yesterday and I was so excited to set them up. I pulled them appart and put them together. As I got the first light (out of two) together, I plugged in the light and tried to turn it on.. No dice. So I hooked up the second light and it worked fine. So my thought was maybe the bulb is broken. I took the working bulb out and put it in the non working fixture and still no dice. So that means the actual fixture itself is not working. I even tried different outlets. It has to be the fixture.  Now I would have been fine with just exchanging the defective one for a working one. When I contacted the seller he does not do that so I just have to send it back. I guess Ill have to check local photography stores for the lights I want. Damn back to the post office for me… I hate returning things.

I am very surprised at how many people are following and reading my blogs. I like how I can look and see where everyone is reading from ,and I am amazed where in the world people are reading it from. Anyways Thanks to all who read this. Feel free to leave a comment and say “hi”.



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