As I told you all I took pictures of my neighbors who live across the street from me. I got home and picked through some of the photos and selected which ones I wanted for my portfolio. So I took my resume and took my pictures copied them down to a CD and brought it up to the studio. When I arrived the lady I had spoken to a few days ago was there again and she was very excited to see I returned. The studio was ver busy with what I imagine to be people getting ready for holiday cards and what nots. She asked me to stay a second while she looked over them. I could tell from her expression she was very happy with what she saw. I asked her if that was what she wanted and she said it was perfect. She did say there were a few little flaws but nothing she could not work with me and fix. So I asked “When can I expect a call?” I could tell by the looks of things that there was no way she was gonna interview me this weekend and as I predicted, she told me that she would follow up with me this week sometime. I am anticipating on one of her slower days probley…


Here are a few of my favorites from this weekend..ImageImageImageImageImageImage


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