So, about last night

Soooo, the plan was to lay down in my bed and do a little reading last night. Needless to say I did not keep this plan. I think it was the combination of dogs cuddling with me and the crisp air that just put me out like a light. I really think I needed some sleep cause I even slept in quite a bit more then normal.

Today, I only have a general plan. First thing is go for my daily jog with the dogs, after that I am gonna meet up with my friend Kiethon. Kiethon is skating with some friends today so I am gonna shoot some photos and take some photos as well. I think its gonna be a nice day out so I am excited. As far as the location goes I think we will probley end up going downtown but I am not sure really. After that I have to shoot some more jewelry I believe.  So I got quite a bit of things to keep me busy today.


Let me see if I can find a picture to post up for everyone….ImageImageThese photos make me laugh every time I see them. They were taken in Mexico at Chichen Itza. The mustache is fake but everything else is real.


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