I am doing the best to clear my head. To many negativities are starting to consume me… Dept, bills,  just flat out hardships. I dont feel like society is set up for humans to live a natural life anymore. My wish I could minimize my possessions just own some land and live the simple life. I know this is also not an easy life but I think I would feel less burdened.

On another note: I do have lots of money in mortgage, and student loans to pay off. So today I am trying to call local real estate agents trying to get some side work taking pictures of houses for real estate web sites or magazines whatever. Just a idea for now. If anyone else out there has some ideas on how to make some extra money let me know. I may also want to consider a new job soon. I am just really not making enough at the job I took recently. I knew it would not be as much as my last job but I did not realize what a pay cut I would be taking. I do like the job though so I am gonna give it a chance. 

So far all my all my calls have been unsuccessful and all I have spoken with today are voicemails with no responses to any of my messages left……Image


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